About Me

Designer, Dreamer and Otaku Mom

I’m Kelly and I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in the habit of doodling, drawing or designing either on paper, digitally or in my imagination. The ideas follow me like colorful, chromatic bunnies.

Technology has made it so much easier to not only bring my ideas to life but to get them out into the world. It started with a company called Spoonflower that I discovered when I was looking for a fabric that I had dreamed up but couldn’t find anything like it anywhere. Thanks to a search I came across Spoonflower where I could upload my design and they would print it on the fabric of my choosing. Further they would allow me to make my print available to sell to the public!

More recently I’ve expanded my freelance design work into anime merch. I notice that many classic anime titles didn’t have officially licensed merchandise available. If I couldn’t find stickers and t-shirts to celebrate my favorite anime then I would design my own and again, turn to a print on demand company specializing in printing on the products I wanted my designs on.

Ultimately I’m designing for those individuals that are just a little bit different, they want to express it and they find something in my work that does that.